A Sneak peek into Gramercy Park’s 25 luxurious facilities

Despite covering a sprawling 170,000 square feet of land, Gramercy Park’s residential blocks occupy less than 50% of its land area. The majority of the development has been dedicated to building a world class line-up of facilities.

These facilities cover everything from dedicated fitness and leisure areas, to generous spaces designed for hosting various events & guests.

Designed by NBBJ, globally recognised as one of the most innovative design architects, Gramercy Park’s beautiful architecture is only matched by its equally splendid and pragmatic range of facilities.

Today, we’ll take you on a special sneak preview of what’s in store for the future residents of Gramercy Park condo.

Gramercy Park Singapore


Grand, luxurious building of Gramercy Park

Grand, luxurious building of Gramercy Park

Getting Pumped

  1. Dedicated exercise space

Fitness Studio, Fitness Terrace, The Pavilion

Knowing the importance of keeping fit, Gramercy Park’s design includes many dedicated spaces for your healthy lifestyle needs. The Fitness Studio includes state-of-the-art gym equipment, and the Fitness Terrace & Pavilion provide excellent space for transformative workouts, such as yoga & pilates.

  1. Take a dip

Gym Pool

Conveniently located right outside the Fitness Studio, the Gym pool lets you enjoy all the benefits of aqua exercise.

  1. Go for a scenic jog

Wooded Trail

Winding scenically around the perimeter of the development, the Wooded Trail is covered with bright, lush greenery, giving a beautiful, natural twist to your routine jog.



Fully fitted gym ready for your health needs


Recreation & Leisure

  1. Indulge your hobbies

Tennis Courts, Putting Green

Never have to go far from home to play your favourite sport or take a couple of swings, with these recreational facilities right at your doorstep. There’s really nowhere like home.

  1. Take a stroll

Leisure Gardens

At Gramercy Park, ample green space has been set aside for all your leisurely needs, in the most luxurious way possible. Take a leisurely stroll through the Leisure Gardens, or just appreciate the surrounding nature from anywhere within the beautiful Gramercy Park.

  1. Or a leisurely swim

50m Grand Pool

Invitingly spacious, the 50m Grand Pool lies at the heart of Gramercy Park, alongside the Grand Lawn, giving the estate a beautiful sense of symmetry.

50m Lap Pool

A pool for your workout needs


Just Relax

  1. Enjoy the view

Viewing Deck, Sculptures, Grand Lawn

Adding a philosophical dimension to the luxuriously landscaped development, 5 sophisticated sculptures grace the various parts of the scenic Gramercy Park.

  1. Lounge about

Garden Lounges, Reflective Garden, Steam facilities

Whether you’ve just finished your morning exercise or just got home from work, these peaceful relaxation options have got you covered. Just close your eyes, and let peace wash over you.

  1. Chill the near the pool

Pool Lounge, Cabanas, Jet Pools, Spa Pools

Situated along the shimmering Grand Pool, these Cabana decks & various relaxing pool options provide a luxurious and private space for relaxation.

Unique structures in gramercy park

Artistically structures located around the premise are sure to add grandeur to Gramercy Park


For Family & Friends

  1. Host parties & celebrations

Club Gramercy

Encompassing various function rooms & lounges, Club Gramercy is the perfect place to host your private parties, and to show off your beautiful residence to all your friends.

  1. Private family affairs

BBQ By the Lawn, BBQ By the Woods

Providing communal spaces for all your family events, 2 dedicated BBQ Sites & outdoor dining options provide the perfect opportunity to form lifelong memories.

  1. Just for the kids

Playground, Play Pools

Having a space that they can grow and play is very important for children, and with dedicated facilities for kids, Gramercy Park is also the perfect place to raise a family.

Beautifully landscaped and with practical facilities for your every want, its communal space leaves little else to be desired. Take a look at the layout of Gramercy Park and where the individual facilities are located in Gramercy Park’s site plan below.


Gramercy Park siteplan

Siteplan of Gramercy Park

If you desire any further information about this majestic property, please visit Gramercy Park Singapore.

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