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Inle Lake is considered Myanmar's precious pearl and a charming tourist destination. Romantic landscape and exciting explorations, tourists will definitely get unforgettable memories when setting feet here. Besides, Inle Lake also attracts tourists with pristine beauty and the long history culture and lifestyle as well

Topography and Climate

Inle in Burmese means the large lake. It is the natural freshwater lake. Located in the middle of the Nyaungshwe Valley, the lake nestled between two mountains ranges that extend north to south with the height about 889 meters above sea level. It is the second largest lake in Myanmar with an estimated area surface area of 116 km2. Here, tourists can easily find a hot spring in Inle Lake’s northwestern shore. The lake contains various types of endemic spices. In June 2015, Inle Lake became Myanmar's first designated place on World Network of Biosphere Reserves. Throughout the year, the climate of the lake is cool and often chilly at night and early morning. Tourists can enjoy the fresh atmosphere and get away from all the rush of normal life. The best time to discover Inle Lake is from September to October, this is also the time when Phaungdawoo Festival takes place.

Top things to do

Canoe trip: Inle Lake is not only a picturesque place but also a home to Inthar (a minority ethnic group in Myanmar). The people of Inthar totally live on or around the lake. They even plant on the water by creating floating gardens on the surface of the lake. When it comes to visiting Inle Lake, tourists can rent a canoe or a motorboat then cruise along the lake to discover the local's life, watch the hydroponic tomato gardens and buy some unique special things in floating market

Cycling to Red Mountain Estate: Red Mountain Estate is the famous vineyard and winery in Myanmar. You sit under a large tree, watch the whole Inle from above and enjoy a glass of wine. You will find the peaceful countryside right in Inle Lake. From here you also have a chance to see your own eyes the beauty of sunset in Inle Lake. In the orange color of the sun, everything turns to be so shimmering, beautiful and romantic.

Exploring Shwe Indein Pagoda: Indein Pagoda is a huge collection of ancient pagodas in the West of Inle Lake. The pagoda locates at the foot of a hill overlooking Inle Lake. It is a highlight that visitors cannot miss when coming here. People said that it was firstly built in the 12th and more added in the 18th century, some parts of pagodas were restored. There are numerous coffees and souvenir shop for you to try some local food and buy some presents.

Visiting handicraft village: In Inle, there are some traditional different handicraft villages, such as silver making village or silk weaving village. They are both well-known destinations for tourists. In silver making village, tourists can see the making of jewelry. You can buy these products right in the place, where they are made but of course, the price is not cheap at all.