How to have a wise trip to Da Lat without being ripped off

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Nowadays, ripping off status occurs quite commonly in Da Lat. That is the reason why you should read this article in order to become a wise tourist when traveling to Da Lat. If you are, you will not be in such tourist traps and have an amazing trip here.

Being famous for its magnificent scenes and cold climate, Da Lat is the hottest destination in Vietnam. These advantages have resulted in its tourist traps which creates uncomfortableness and annoy.

Da Lat night market with extremely high price

Da Lat night market is one of the most attractive places since tourists can both enjoy its cold climate and find many kinds of food here such as many kinds of cakes, jam, rice vermicelli, cassava vermicelli, etc. at the same time.

Some tourists were attracted by this delicious food and persuaded by a cordial welcome, so they tasted this food. However, they were shocked as they must pay too high for their meals. For example, they had to pay 120.000 VND for a bowl of noodles or 100.000 VND for a bowl of rice spaghetti.

Besides, specialty stores selling jam, strawberries, etc. usually sell cheap handmade stuff whose origins are unclear. Clothes are sold at an extremely high price as well.

Being a Da Lat wise tourist, you should ask the price before making choices and eating any food. You should also come to the trustworthy addresses for eating, purchasing specialty and clothes on the Internet before visiting Da Lat.

Taking photos with cartoon characters

Recently, some tourists expressed their anger after being trick to take photos with some cartoon characters at Da Lat night market. A group of people wore Pikachu, Minion, etc. outfits and welcomed tourists to take photos with them. After that, they asked for money, pressurized tourists paying, and even forced tourists to pay.

Therefore, being a wise tourist, you should reject all baselessly taking-photo welcome or ask them whether you have to pay for it or not at first.

Free strawberry garden visits

Many tourists told that they had met some people who called themselves strawberry garden owners. They invited tourists to take complimentary visits to their gardens with comfortably eating without paying. The owners only ask for money with taking-away harvested strawberries. It was such attractive welcomes that so many people were trapped.

Actually, tourists were taken into a store that sells some kinds of cakes, candies, and jam and forced to purchase them. Then, they are taken to the garden. Nonetheless, they were shocked that the ‘garden’ in front of their eyes was just a small piece of land, planting few beds of strawberry with no piece of fruit to eat and harvest.

Similar to two above situations, to become a Da Lat wise tourist, you should get to know clearly trustworthy addresses which are well reviewed. Moreover, you should not follow any nonsensical welcome as nothing is complimentary at a fertilizing land of tourist business.