Foreign Tourists Tell The Story Of Haggling In Saigon

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The seller claimed the price of the bag was 450,000 VND, but then Sheri bargained for half. This Canadian girl had the opportunity to experience the culture of bargaining when traveling to Saigon

On the Nearly Intrepid page, Sheri has shared her first impression of Saigon as a crowded city, with several skyscrapers and countless tall buildings. But she felt more familiar with the alleys and stalls on the two sides of the road.

Her trip from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City was pretty great. The driver dropped her and some passengers out of the coach at which Sheri did not know well. As getting out of the coach, Sheri was surrounded by a lot of taxi drivers and motorbike drivers. She wrote the hotel's name and addressed on paper in exchange for the driver. One said that he would carry her for 150,000 VND but Sheri refused. Another motorbike driver quoted the price of 100,000 VND, after considering not knowing where she was, Sheri nodded to take the helmet and got onto the motorbike.

After checking in the hotel, Sheri headed to the market. As for Sheri, Saigon market has hundreds of stalls for visitors to choose and haggle freely. She bought a wooden bracelet with the price of 30,000 VND after bargaining down from 60,000 VND. Another shop owner said the bag Sheri wanted to buy was 450,000 VND but then she bargained for half and bought a pair of socks at a price of one third the amount of money the seller offered at first. After the previous trip to Can Tho, Sheri realized that she could bargain in the market even when it was rush time before the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Heading to the city for foreign tourists, Sheri ordered some food and beer. She used a plate of rice with the price of 30,000 VND and a small bottle of beer. Then she sat outside the shop, and suddenly met the friends who had traveled with her on the coach before. All drunk beer and chatted together until 2 a.m.

The next days in Saigon, Sheri spent time on visiting some popular tourist destinations such as Cu Chi Tunnels, Saigon Opera House, Saigon Post Office and several museums. She said she had cried when she visited the War Remnants Museum. She wandered around Saigon under bright lights. Sheri was surprised because of the fact that while there are many poor areas, there are also very prosperous areas with various luxurious shops, displaying famous brands.

Sheri also discovered some temporary roadside markets hidden in crooked streets. She was also impressed by the mothers doing aerobics in the park in the evening. Wandering among the strange land, suddenly Sheri had the feeling of homesickness and the feeling of wanting to stick her life to a certain place.

In her heart, Saigon is a vibrant, modern city carefully packed in a paper layer of the color of time.